Madre                                                           Padre

Bloody Mary Du Domaine De Monderlay                      Shilhayorks Ring Master      




     CH Steal higher Du                             Blue Emotion del            Luz Lucia de Villa Rocalla

Domaine De Monderlay                       Pensiero Stupendo                                               





CH Durrer High Flyer                    Durrer's steal magnolia                D'ugholain Du Castel D'argent



CH Alex del Pensiero Stupendo              CH Simpaty                    





CH Durrer's ace high                                CH Durrer's steal the show        CH Raydel Du Domaine De Monderlay



Ch Bonsai Matchpoint            CH Majestic Masterpiece          CH Lordean's Woodstok


CH Xuprise de Castagnac



4 Generacion



Ch Pastoral johnny handsome                   CH Rothby's Reneegade ROM                   CH Pastoral just a tad devilis



CH Olimpya Du Domanine De Monderlay       CH World Nicnak's he's a Keeper      CH Camparis Golden Confetti  



CH Camparis Américan Gangster                             CH  Lamplighter's Fonzi    



      CH World Bonsai Annabel        CH Geronimo From Pride heros      CH Johnstoy Front Stage Centre


CH Rothby's Majextic Pride N'Joy


5 generacion



CH Jentre charger of mistangay          CH Aéro's Country Classic     CH NicNak's Ferrari Testarosse



CH Malengo du Domaine de Monderlay     CH Jubilant Du domaine De monderlay



        CH Rothby's Reflection                  Ch. Jentre's Charger of Mistangay 



Crow Royal Ace Malacon CH 88-INT.CH-DEUTSCHER                             Ch. MY PRECIOUS KIND

   CH 90 HOLL, MULTIPLE BES IN SHOW WINNER....                                                                            



CH Just You of Millmoor